About Us


We come from a long line of hunters and outdoorsmen. In 2004, we began a new tradition in our family: retriever training. Over the years, we have continually learned more and more about retriever training by using all the resources available to us (professionals, videos, books, etc.) A lot of hard work and patience have led to Hunter Retriever Champion and Master Hunter titles, and competing in Grand Hunts and Master Nationals.

Wanting to not only have good dogs but produce good dogs and promote the betterment of the working Labrador, we began breeding in 2016. We make sure the puppies we produce are from only healthy and proven retrievers so that, in turn, the puppies are as well. All of our puppies are raised in our home, socialized, and introduced to bird wings and water.

At Indigo Retrievers, our primary focus is retriever training, but once a year (or so) we have a litter of pups with our own dogs. Look below for more information for breeding and retriever training.